You Need Now These Sustainable Sneakers

There has never been a better time to go eco-friendly with your active wear, starting with these absolutely fashionable shoes.

From training to downtime, making positive decisions is an important part of your personal wellness journey. To further these wellness vibes, there has never been a better time to equip yourself with sustainable and environmentally friendly athletic clothing and shoes to create a fitter and healthier planet.

Forget all the ideas of crispy hippie clothes, rough hemp or itchy ingredients-this is the most modern durability that does not compromise style or performance. Here you will find innovative vegan fabrics alongside recycled plant materials, naturally colored. This Season’s sustainable collection of sneakers and clothing is available in all your favorite styles. What’s not to love? If you want to give your workout gear an eco-friendly edge, check out these five sustainable sneakers to add to your List now — and, of course, how to style them.


The Club C 85 is an absolute classic that continues to offer a lot of style and is vegan this Season and contains absolutely no animal products. With a vegan leather upper and a natural rubber sole, this is a shoe that you can wear very well. Old-school Tennis vibes paired with a more modern, up-to-date attitude keep this shoe fresh and endless. Try the nuanced neutral two-tone color by choosing an accent tone for the rest of your look. The soft pink of these shorts with a natural dye and a matching T-Shirt or hoodie emphasizes the eco-friendly mood.

Approach your running clothes in an avant-garde way with a high-tech and environmentally friendly specification for your sneakers. The Floatride Energy Grow-one of the world’s first sustainable Performance running shoes – is made of things that actually grow in the ground. It is made of at least 50% vegetable materials, including castor oil for a highly padded foam backing, natural rubber for a more flexible Profile and the Lycocell textile top made of biodegradable and breathable pulp. But don’t just buy it for its environmental friendliness: the Grow keeps pace with its powerful Floatride Cousins, making it an excellent choice for all your workouts. Such powerful shoes need an equally streamlined Ensemble. Pair your Leggings with natural dyes to take care of your ecological footprint. Add a high-impact bra in a great shade Of energy and a top with a high-impact mesh back tank for the whole swing.


Boxfresh white sneakers are an indispensable element of the wardrobe. Whether for long walks or downtime, the DailyFit DMX adopts a high fashion attitude with the attitude of a catwalk shoe, but in an environmentally friendly Format. This Sneaker with Slip-On style and artificial laces is made of at least 30% recycled materials, has a soft textile upper and an eye-catching rubber sole. The shoe fits perfectly with any Look, from prints to bright colors. For a bolder Look, combine these Sneaks in a monochrome Ensemble and balance this bright white with a cropped white T-shirt without dye and comfortable black fleece sweatpants as a contrast.

If you’re looking for innovative plant power, look no further than the Nano X1 Vegan Option. Made without animal ingredients, these sporty and fast sneakers feature a plant-based version of the Flexweave® knit with integrated support for fast afteral movements, as well as the iconic Floatride Energy foam padding with castor oil for maximum flexibility. Keep the momentum going with your complete Look by adding super short Shorts for big workout days or natural Leggings for Yoga days, paired with a deep V-neck natural dye to mark all outdoor lifestyles-Eco-friendly feelings.


Boost your sneaker game with the Classic Leather Legacy Grow, The OG of the classics. With all the cool retro moves of the classic Legacy Leather Silhouette and at least 50% plant-based materials-including a canvas upper-the Legacy Grow Leather comes in mostly neutral tones for a fresh and contemporary interpretation. Combine minimalism from top to bottom with an eco-friendly border by pairing it with a round-neck dress with natural dyes, or try a light hoodie with jogging pants or cotton shorts with natural dyes.

Sustainability has come a long way in recent years. Pick up all the options for the Season and do not worry: this is a trend that does not go out of fashion so quickly.