Style Staples for the Modern Minimalist

These effortless outfit building blocks add simple looks to Statement Ensembles with unexpected details.

OK, maximalism may be having a moment, but if you’re in The minus-is-plus mindset, you’ll be looking for effortless athletic outfits to see you straight into the New Year. The building blocks that form the basis of your wardrobe, are the investment pieces that you will come back to again and again. But Minimalism does not mean easy, far from it. Beyond soft hues and simple silhouettes, modern minimalism is a fully developed Look that allows you to sweat – or that you can wear for a restricted meeting place.

If you are looking for Looks that involve quiet and effective self-confidence, take a look at these fresh Styles with neutral and discreet accents and timeless Designs that convince you every time you wear them.


For a high-end approach fueled by unexpected details, the collection of minimalist professional Victoria Beckham meets all the criteria. Take, for example, the seamless Crop top. The clear and textured silhouette features a contrasting V-neck detail and a wide belt to keep the Look so wild. Similar minimalist principles apply to the T-Back bra: classic in front and back, this bra offers the right level of interest without compromising its sporty and functional shape.

Minimalist tops outnumber flat neutral colors a lot these days; in fact, color-blocking designs bring a surprising, understated twist to the equation, with low-key pieces like this Padded bra top. In Vector Navy or black stucco with complementary lighter straps, these are simple minimalist pieces that you can style solo or under any top.

Although the rules of simplicity, this does not mean that you can not push the envelope with a more luxurious approach to fabrics. Style this classic dark velvet sweatshirt in jewel tones with stylish black leggings and heels, and you’ll have a high-end interpretation of minimalism that suits the evening.

Of course, in the minimalist Playbook it is always important to get the most puristic styles. Take a classic T-Shirt, cut it, add a wide sleeve and give it a more boxy Silhouette-served in black or Frostberry, it’s your focal point for any occasion on and off the mat.


Minimalism 101 means you need to own a pair (or more) of Black Leggings. If you want to modify them with a little attitude, add a mesh panel like these Lux High-Rise Performance Leggings or try the Ombre effect of these Black and gray United By Fitness Leggings. Extra points if you also make it a matching minimalist set with the Crop Top.

Minimalist purists can argue that prints are not technically in the mix, but this Season’s monochrome splash Leggings meet a little differently. A great style piece to work with a top of the same color, they have the perfect balance between effect and refined style that simply works. Shorts are also minimalist: these classic Legging shorts in black or gray are a versatile style piece that you can wear with a Blazer, T-Shirt or Sports bra.

For a more casual silhouette, you really can’t go wrong with several pairs of reliable and comfortable joggers made of fleece or cotton. The natural-colored fleece trousers in a reduced blue are the perfect antidote to black, white, gray or navy. The Les Mills Non Dye French Terry Pants show that the Silhouette is also important in loungewear and highlight the classic Jogger Cut by cutting and widening the leg to offer chic style potential.


When it comes to what you wear on your feet, keep it simple and eye-catching with classics like these cool classic leather kicks. And for good reason, these sneakers that match everything are favorites of minimalist fans. Taking things to a new Level with the Club c 85S — The retro vibe mixes with a totally modern vibe to make those sneaker staples that you’ll wear over and over again.

Once you’ve nailed the classics, it’s time to add some more scaled-down details. For a truly tonal Look, Classic Nylon offers a cool, contemporary look with a serious 90s attitude. If you are looking for a more effective Minimalism without making a splash, the Classics Leather az offers a variety of monochrome or muted effects with its contrasting textures and colors.