Stripper Poles can used as Exercise Bikes

The stereotype of men’s clubs is making a new statement in the fitness world.

I am a Fitness enthusiast. I am constantly looking for body activities that not only challenge my body, but also awaken my curiosity and serve as a stress reliever. While Yoga is my favorite activity, Pole Dancing has been on my Radar for quite some time. Between 60 seconds of videos of celebrities gracefully swirling their bodies around the post on Instagram, and a growing number of TV shows with Pole Dancing on a loud performance, which seemed easy…. Fun. When I finally decided to try it, I did some research, read some reviews and found Soft Sensual Moves, a Pole Dance studio near me. On a sunny afternoon, I got off my Yoga mat, strapped on a pair of seven-inch high-heeled shoes and went to the Pole Studio.

I was told that all I had, for a fit Leggings Shorts and well-seated Sports bra, but I could not help but a little feeling of insecurity and six Months after the Birth of so much of my Body to show a Baby. But as I have spacious and bright, positive Studio, Quotes and Affirmations on the Walls rose in, these Concerns in Respect.

It was clear from the very beginning that it would not be easy. My teacher Natalia, aka Astrid, was a real aerial pole athlete. We started the hour-long session with a 15-minute warm-up of the full-body stretches, and then moved on to the conditioning part with exercises such as overlaps and spikes, as well as using the barbell for “crunches”.”This was achieved by slightly pressing my hips against the bar, almost pressing it on top of each other with both hands and lifting and lifting my legs so that my abs could “crack” together. I tried several times before I realized that the Pole class was not a joke.

At that moment I was sweating and breathing as if I had just run several laps on the track. “People sometimes watch TV and think, Oh, they’re just Pole dancers, but Pole is a really great workout,” Astrid says.

After completing the conditioning part of the lesson, we started working on a series of movements better known as “Combos”.”This included the fireman (a climbing maneuver that caused bruises on the body) and learning how to do a attractive push-up from the floor where I strike my core and use my cheek to push my body up and down.

Then we chose between a spinning rod or a static rod to perform the Combos we just learned. The static rod requires more strength; the spinning rod requires more muscle control. I decided to use the spinning rod and began to perform the movements that I had learned during classes. I made a “Float” (grabbed my Hands around the Rod, jumped off the Ground and straddled my Legs in the Air, while the Rod in a row turned and made a stab at a reverse Hook, where I’m on the Back of one Leg on the Rod wrapped, while I Bar myself with both Hands and has my other Leg swept off the Ground all this, I have the Bar twirling and from my Knees, bent down, while I’m on the Floor and went away.

It may sound like a good Selfie, but by the end of classes my body was sore (as if I had just done a 60-minute series of push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats-which I de facto had) and my breath felt like the last two minutes of cooling down after a hard session on the bike.

So, would I do another Pole Dancing class? Absolutely. I loved the challenge it offered me and I appreciated how it helped me to accept my body as it is. Most people listen to Pole Dancing and think of a Gentlemen’s club, but this is not the matter. Taking your body and teaching it to do movements you never thought possible is a legitimate and hardcore body challenge. Plus, they do everything in the seven-inch heels, which forces you to work your core just to stay straight and balanced. From the crunching of the rod to spinning to constant climbing and grasping the rod, my whole body worked constantly. While the student and the Yoga teacher helped me with flexibility and balance, nothing can prepare her for the intense strength that the movements require. “The more you practice, the stronger you become,” Astrid says. “Eventually you will be able to perform all kinds of movements.”

Although I was a little intimidated at the beginning of classes (taking off Shorts and Sports bras was not exactly a source of confidence), this uncertainty completely dissipated after the other beautiful forms proudly showed their bruises (also known as “Pole Kisses”) that they experienced when landing “what I like”We have students who are Lawyers, we have victims of PTSD — it’s really nice to help my students gain body awareness, self-confidence and strength at work and in life.”