Reasons to Power Up Your Wardrobe

If you are more and more In The Mood, the impressions of this Season will give you an energetic atmosphere. Here’s how to wear them.

In a season where it’s traditionally all about relaxing and feeling comfortable, things are feeling a little different this year. Maximalist attitudes exist on the tracks and roads, a clear departure from the calmer looks of recent times. Matched with this elegant pendulum swing, the mood is decidedly optimistic this Season (say hello to the dopamine association) and full of energy (see: clothes that trigger joy and channel escape).

Whichever way you interpret the trend, this Season’s prints will take you where you need to go. From Animal to Abstract, you can go big or home with this set of pieces that are guaranteed to make a statement every step of the way.


You can never go wrong with adding a little wild animals to your wardrobe. If you don’t want to keep it classic but eye-catching, this Sherpa jacket is an easy win and a great investment in tailoring. Again, there’s every reason to take it to another level in animated iterations, like this Version of green and frosted berries. To really highlight your Top, wear it with neutral Leggings or pair it with a matching outfit that combines your Leopard Print Top with Leopard Print Leggings. Bring the theme to the bra level with a Lux Racer Bra in a bold berry shade to achieve the effect. If you are mistaken in terms of minimalism, there is always an Animal print for you: try a monochrome Moment with the dailyfit DMX sneakers or visit the c Legacy club in a Beige.

If you focus more on color than printing, a tonal effect might be just the thing. Typical example: the Myt printed long-sleeved blanket in sparkling pink with a lighter tone pattern gives the Illusion of texture and works without much effort. The tonal texture Look goes beyond shirts-it plays on Shorts, Leggings and even a Crop Top, so you go as all-in as you like. Or if you are looking for the simple Look, combine your top with solid colored Leggings in a pink or red shade to set your Ensemble on fire.


Abstract printing is another important investment that rarely goes out of fashion. You can find different variations, including asymmetric, psychedelic, multi-colored and special effects. Abstract prints can be monochrome, but more often they come in a cacophony of swirling color combinations, perfect for a total mood. Try enlivening your workout gear with abstract printed running shorts, or opt for the Full Legging Version for all-weather workouts. If you want to mix and match prints, start with watercolor washes in colors like the cloud like this Sports bra and combine it with abstract patterns in full force like THIS T-Shirt with Batik. Bonus: Show some love to your feet with the Nano x1 sneakers in a vivid and eye-catching print option.

Graphic prints are hard and fast this season, with the catwalks filled with checkerboard patterns, layered lines and a mix of cheerful effects. Channel that energetic Mood by incorporating graphic prints into your workout device. Play with different graphic effects for a chic Collage look; these Lux Leggings are characterized by a strong pressing force and add Pop with neon accents. Play Matchy-Matchy or combine it with another color, like this Sports bra with complementary straps.


From classic brown and khaki to more modern gray and blue tones, adding a camouflage print to your Look is a cool and pragmatic way to edit prints. While military green camouflage is a classic, you can opt for a more modern camouflage with more angular tones, as you can see in this full-length printed crew neck sweatshirt. And if you want to emphasize the trend without too Much Commitment, try a camouflage element on a block-colored hoodie or even on your sneakers.