Here Are Sneaker Trends You Need to Try

These fresh versions of active shoes are in great demand for the coming season and aspire to the status of an icon.

As the style becomes more and more discreet and comfortable, Sneakers are currently an unstoppable fashion force. No longer just functional shoes that take you from A to B, sneakers that were once reserved for the gym or reserved for the slopes and trails are now part of your daily wardrobe and feel as comfortable with Yoga pants as with jeans and a Maxi Dress.

These Hype events, which were once the domain of Sneakerheads, have also become common, with limited edition collections, cool collaborations and reissues that fuel the imagination of all sneaker fans, from beginner to veteran. With so much love for active shoe options, 2022 promises to be the best year yet to find your perfect pair. What trends are you going to wear? Look what’s in store for us.


The future looks rosy for 2022 and with great colors that will give you a good mood all year round. Think neon accents, Vibrant splashes and full-fledged color cacophonies: these joyfully juicy, ecstatic and energetic shades will raise your mood and workout. Start with the Nano X1 in a vibrant combination of acid yellow, Pixel mint and neon red. This shoe has all the Technology you need to outperform your PB, as well as powerful color dynamics. If you are looking for a two-tone effect, the NanoFlex TR in pink and black Pursuit is a great Option, while the Zig Kinetica II is the shoe flashpoint you need to achieve all your goals.

These Chunky dad sneakers may have had their Moment, but for the upcoming season, it’s all about developing that vibe with hiking boots that are a little high. Utilitarian in design, these kicks make their own high-tech specification with some street inspirations. Take for example the Zig Kinetic II Edge GORE-TEX. This Style is higher at the ankle than a regular sports shoe and features a strappy design mixed with colorful accents that put it in a whole new mood, whether hiking in nature or on an excursion into the urban jungle. If you fancy a more traditional, but still future-oriented hiking sneaker, the Zig Kinetica II Edge combines important trail inspections with the specification of a running shoe.

The look of the Logo is still strong, with statement styles that combine the vibes of the runway with the attitude of the street. Try abstract graphics or vectors as you find them on the classic leather heirloom, or spell it out to the world with the Victoria Beckham Quick Shoes. The Quick combines a classic Reebok Logo with the name of the fashion designer on the heel – cool, modern and minimalist.

The exploration of space is a fashion theme for the coming year, so it just seems that it is reflected in the 2022 shoe trends. Expect avant-garde details with a sporty twist-few show it better than the Storm Hydro 3D Zig. The optimized Silhouette for the perfection of the spaceship is equipped with the recent running technology, combined with innovative details such as drawstring laces. If that’s too much of a future for you, try the Legacy Lifter II. This weightlifting shoe has an eye-catching shape and dynamic Reebok details for a practical and trendy look.


A fixed size in the fashion sneaker scene, platform soles aren’t going anywhere, but this Season feels a little more polished and sophisticated than some of the previous iterations. The Club c Double Geo is thick but streamlined and has a platform style in almost every color combination imaginable. If you’re looking for a color statement, you can’t go wrong with the deliciously vibrant icy soles of the MadWoman Club C double Geo shoes In delicious Hydro Blue or Sunwash.

Classics are classics for a good reason: these everyday icons are shoes that you will wear again and again on any occasion. For retro vibes and playful pops of color, check out the classic leather heirloom. If you’re more of a sneaker purist, take it back to the ultimate classic leather sneakers for a total power move. And if you really want a style that will last for many years, the classic Legacy az leather sneakers are for you.

The ’80s and ’90s are having a big revival moment right now, and what better sneakers are available to serve up a vigorous dose of legit ’90s vibes than the Pump Omni Zone II basketball shoes. With their B-Ball design, these sneakers are true legends.

For a different kind of legend, check out the Hi Freestyle Tops. Icons of the Jane Fonda workout era, but today Oh so cool, the instantly recognizable Figure is all about self-confidence. And if you want a real relapse with a cool Collab border, the Maison Margiela Tabi Instapump Fury Oxfords are perfect for sneaker dreams. The revolutionary success of the 90s of Reebok, The Instapump Fury, meets the characteristic Tabi of the legendary fashion house to create this unique and revolutionary Collector’s Edition Sneaker.


Sustainability has never been more relevant and important than now, making it the Time for a new sustainable sneaker culture. Whether it’s plant-based versions of your favorite skis like the classic Legacy Grow in leather or vegan styles like the Nano X1 (and don’t forget the Floatride Energy), these shoes are proof that you can look good in training while feeling comfortable in your world.