Guide to Style Your Outerwear

Step up your layering game and increase your cool factor with these cold weather strategies to celebrate the season in style.

Aside from sneakers, one of the most difficult items of clothing you own is your winter coat. This all-in-one style clamp is a worthwhile investment if you weigh the cost-per-wear factor. And with a new Season of functional yet fashionable outerwear trends to discover, layering for winter has never been so stylish, creative and fun.

While perennial outerwear trends like down coats and quilted jackets are still going strong, there is a new wave of high-tech fabrics that retain heat without additional padding. More seasonal twists: the color is warm with eye-catching hues and prints to cheer you up, while truncated silhouettes, utilitarian details and layering also play an important role. If you are looking for form, function and Fashion in one, complete your Look with one of these coats and jackets for a cool and comfortable Season.


With the old trophy jackets, everything revolved around sequins, shine and a good dose of splendor, but today’s Version does not need all this noise to turn up the volume. As the Queen of Cool, Cardi B, skillfully demonstrates, This woven jacket (also available in Plus size) offers retro vibes and fearless hues that provide a great Moment, no matter how you style it.

If you are looking for a full-fledged color effect, you really can’t go wrong with the Prince Reebok Jacket. Sporty but relaxed, fresh and yet so classic, it is the perfect layer to create a warm shade for any occasion.

A true Style classic and a timeless addition to any outerwear wardrobe, the classic training jacket combines Plain vibes with modern athletic lines for an iconic effect. One to try: This classic retro Classics Vector workout jacket in a Monochrome Palette is the perfect year-round Topper that you can count on when running errands, going to the gym, or hanging out with friends.

For those who wish, try an oversized training jacket in pure White from the LES Mills brand. With its adjustable fit, you can adapt your Figure to your mood. Bonus: The water-resistant crinkle fabric adds a touch of texture to all your Looks.

Move over bulky pads, there is a new technical fabric for the Season that keeps you tight and contoured. Strategically placed Thermowarm + graphene inserts in this zippered jacket help retain up to 15% extra warmth to help you stay comfortable on the go. With plenty of pockets and an adjustable hood, it’s the perfect blend of high-tech and style. Do you want to get a little more effect? Try this revolutionary fabric in a Bomber Silhouette borrowed by the guys for an oversized effect.


While sportier jackets tend to hit above or at the waist, this outerwear coat will take your Figure a little longer. The simple, box-like shape is an all-weather staple that complements classic coats for an Anorak-Meets-Athleisure vibe. Packed with hidden features such as mesh vents and a drop-tail hem, it’s both directional and pragmatic. Wear it over a few popping pieces to add some fun flashes of color.

Useful details never go out of style – it’s about how practical you want to be. At the more functional end of the spectrum, you should try this camping jacket. Its ready-made vibe and relaxed fit are combined with an adjustable Silhouette and a cool Khaki color for a total Look. This is everything you need for a trip to nature or just for jogging around the city. At the fashion end of the spectrum, this VB-Jacket offers a Streetstyle Version of the trend. With two eye-catching cargo pockets at the front and a relaxed sweater cut, this jacket elegantly withstands the cold season.

Camo is a perennial print, probably with leopards as the new neutral color up there. Camo is an easy-to-style outerwear that adds a touch to any Look. And when it is used by Victoria Beckham (look at this military jacket), she has a more direct and feminine attitude. You’ll love the ruffled details at the waist, as well as a high collar that gives definition to the Silhouette. Whether in soft sand tones or rich forest green tones, this piece can be as subtle or meaningful as you like.


It’s not exactly a new trend, but it’s still gaining momentum this Season: style an oversized sweater or hoodie as outerwear. Just an Option, when temperatures stay above freezing (unless you layer underneath like a pro), this Look says cozy and cool like nothing else. Go for a few sizes in this Sherpa hoodie or keep things classic in an Identity hoodie with extra fleece. Just add gloves, a beanie and a padded vest and you will be ready for everything that winter has in stock.